Maxum 30 Express Cruiser

May 13, 2016
We first noticed South Mountain Yachts in our marina several years ago.
The owner Lou came by the docks and would introduce himself,
offer assistance with new boaters etc. Just a genuine person to talk with.
Never expecting anything he just built relationships and a rapport with the tenants.
When it came time to sell our boat my wife and I thought thru the most sensible approach
on how to chose a broker.Thinking of how the economy has cycled severally
over the past 12 years we looked at who had been in business and who was still in business.
South Mountain yachts had weathered all the ups and downs and seemed to be a solid choice.
The number of boats that displayed the South Mountain sales signs far exceeded all
other brokers combined in our marina. We decided to sit down and have a chat with
Lou the owner on selling our boat.
Everything Lou said made absolute sense.
From how the boat should appear to both men and women to what
work should be done to ensure the future owner was making a good purchase.
His prowess on presenting the boat not as we the owner but how others truly perceive it
as theirs was very important. I personally am one of the most meticulously clean
owner’s and maintainer’s and have nothing but great comments every season on the water.
Lou educated me that although our boat was “Virgin” that would not matter to potential buyers.
The boat needed to be presented in a neutral manner for others to picture how they would own it.
This was a surprise to myself. Nonetheless this worked.
We were told the average market time for boats is just under a year.
Doing exactly what Lou asked us to do a family found our boat exactly what they wanted.
Under 4 months market time. In fact, the buyer husband communicated that when
his wife saw our boat the deal was pretty much done!
From the beginning to the end Lou was with us taking pictures and videos, prepping the boat and dealing with the buyer’s broker to ensure all parties were satisfied. My wife and I would consult and use Lou’s services on our future purchase as well. Great job South Mountain Yachts!!!!!