Wes (dad) and Kyle B.

19 Whaler

Dear Lou, On behalf of my son Kyle and I, thanks for providing services well beyond
what anyone could expect. My son lives in Hawaii and I live on Vashon Island, WA.
The three of us form a triangle that is several thousand miles apart on one leg,
and I guess another thousand on the other leg from your brokerage.
Yet, through Yacht World, I found the listing, and found a surveyor, who as it turns out knows you well.
The survey was clean, but we wanted (at your suggestion) a complete
engine evaluation and then complete servicing. You found the resources
and deliveredthe boat to get that done within days of the survey report.
Then we needed to service the trailer for its run to the shipping terminal.
Again, you found the resources and found ways to get the trailer road
ready very economically. Lastly, you arranged the road transportation
and pick up for a Matson run to Oahu.All this was done in a matter of
about 10 days, and neither my son nor I have ever met you, the surveyor,
the engine repair facility, the trailer repair facility or the trucker.
All done professionally and without a hitch. You did all that for your
normal brokerage fee on thesale of the boat. Unbelievable! It is no wonder
when I asked people about Lou Mencuccini, they all unequivocally spoke in glowing terms. All true.
Many thanks, Aloha.